What we are working on

So far it is only a mockup. We work on that.

In future you should have the content you want shown in the way you like. Thus, you will get your own "Dashboard" with:
- further filter options
- historical view of company (timeline of Impact Events)
- …

We started in English. But etiki should be available for everyone.

What is a relevant article? Which sources are trustful?
There is no simple answer to these questions. At the end everyone has a different opinion.

We are working on this. Our idea:
According to etiki's concept of open sourced and crowd sourced information the community decides which articles are more relevant than others. If you do not agree with the community you just modify the relevance of a source.

This is only a prototype. A redesign is needed. We will do that.

etiki is run by the community. We all benefit from knowledge and work done by other members of the community.
We want to acknowledge if someone has a deep understanding of topic. Thus, more experienced users will have more rights.

The idea
- The more a user contributes to etiki (Reputation), the more rights (Privileges) the user will have
- e.g for every added and approved Impact Event a user increases its Reputation by 1 point

With a higher Reputation you can for example:
- Define the Relevance of an article / of an Impact Event
- Approve an Impact Event added by another user
- Report users which try to manipulate information
- …